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Improve your security and piece of mind add easy to install solar Security lights and save electricity as no mains


Welcome to the The Home Technologies Company (THT - co) home page, where you will find links to various products which will help you save energy and give you control over your environment, whether it be for the home or the office or just a single room in the house.

The products we offer, range from the low energy lamps, LED lamps, LED lighting fixtures, Solar lighting to the  complete Home Automation Systems.

The Home Technologies Company (THT-co)  sells quality products to use as part of your Home or office Automation  which will both enhance your living environment, and save you time and money.

Please have a look and see what fantastic products we have in stock, many of which are Designed and manufactured in the UK

If the product is not listed please contact us and we will try our best to find a product to match your requirements.

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Do you want to REDUCE your energy bills, increase the efficiency of your home lighting and add that certain wow factor.. Then look no further…